Unbound, we howl (2018)

Unbound, we howl, Alexandra Stilianos's MFA project, investigates the spectacle of femininity in an immersive, and occasionally interactive, dance theatre environment. The enormous cast of dancers interrogate and physicalize the way the female/queer body is policed and made visible in pop culture, arts and politics. This intermedia work asks where the labor lies in navigating (and upending) normative systems and how they can be mobilized. In turn, the audience is invited to question their own subjectivity as the dancers pivot between artists and artifacts for social change. 

Choreographer: Alexandra Stilianos in collaboration with the dancers

Media Design: Alexandra Stilianos

Dramaturg: Laura Rodriguez

Lighting Design: Dave Covey

Performers: Amy Allen, Andi Altchiler, Abbie Armbrecht, Jackie Bordjadze, Amanda Colangelo, Laura Deangelis, Kendall Dodson, Kaylyn Dorion. Emily Gaffga, Anna Hershinow, Margo Hunter, Genevive Johnson, Emily Jones, Rylan Lee, Gabby Malagreca, Ciara McGlynn, Laura Patterson, Jane Schriner, Sophia Smith, Tess Sommerville, Kat Sprudzs, Emma Steele, Alexandra Stilianos, Brooke Tinsley, and Mia Williams.

This project was generously funded by the Alumni Grants for Graduate Research and Scholarship and a Semester Funding Initiative from The Ohio State University Department of Dance. 

Photos by Jess Cavender