Trying to evolve (2014/2018)

Trying to Evolve was made to provide a humorous dialogue on the events and responsibilities that ask us to be good citizens but are overwhelmingly vast. Subjects like caring about the environment, government overreach, over policing and global war, and being judged trying to keep up with all these things to be categorized as a "good" citizen. How do you take care of yourself and also your greater human responsibilities? Sometimes this is best parsed out through humor. 

This piece was originally presented at the Mix Match Dance Festival in Santa Monica, CA in Summer 2014 and was commissioned for restaging at The Ohio State University's for the Department of Dance's School Tour Group in Spring 2018 where it toured at upwards of twelve schools. 

Choreography: Alexandra Stilianos

Music: Trying to Evolve by Ani Difranco

Performed by: Brooke Tinsley, Marrisa Thomas, Megan Wurtz, Dani Kfoury, Gabby Malagreca, Emily Kilroy, Jane Schriner, Cody Krause, Mia Williams, and Olivia Ward.