The Tie That Binds (2018)

This work is a sampling of my contemporary and hip hop dance trainings and illustrate group unity through building bridges, not walls with bodies and energetic musicality.  Comissioned by the OSU Brazil Tour Group.

MFA documentary shorts (2016)

For The Ohio State University MFA show "of existence: and ways of being" presenting works by Brandon Whited, Noelle Bohaty, and s lumbert.

Filmed and edited by Alexandra Stilianos

Written in water (2018)

Choreography: Alexandra Stilianos and Callie Lacinski, Artistic Direction: Alexandra Stilianos

Lacinski's solo explores a fluid space of creation and performance unrestricted by the confines commonly set by differing movement techniques. 

13 Experiments (2015)

Movement research project based on improvised dance and inspired by Deborah Hay's My Body, The Buddhist. Filmed during a cross country road trip in the midst of a cross section of life events.

Edited and performed by: Alexandra Stilianos

larger collection of Alexandra's work at her Vimeo and YouTube