Intermedia work

As an artists and a maker, I believe the role of technology in dance needs to be reciprocal. That the body needs to continually inform the media and visa versa. Through a digital/physical dialogue, from film to interactive media to 3D renderings to projection design, the integration of technology in dance is interwoven.

digital Physical Dance Transmission

This work was an exploration on how movement ideas, aesthetics, and nuances shift when processed through technology and dancing bodies. My choreography and the dancers improvisations were “re-choreographed” in Motion Builder and then a new phase was born in digital space, and then reinterpreted by another dance artist- closing the physical digital loop.


Bodies in Passage

In this piece I asked how to take a photogrammetry, an exact (and sometimes temperamental) virtual modeling tool, and have it illustrate not final forms of dancing bodies but movement itself. How to show moving bodies in a still computerized form? How to show process in a medium that asks for product only?



This projects interest was to not only generate and utilize technologic systems for my movement compositions but involve them as a collaborative entity in the creation process.*

*Note: Final iteration of this project is my completed choreography Mise en Place (everything in it’s place)

somehow personal

“somehow personal” is a interactive media and movement based installation. The space was curated to provide spaces for contemplation and observation, interactive media interaction, and build-able projection surfaces. Audio was delivered via headphones and a personal streaming device to add the immersive experience.


ISADora 3d line work

Explainer video of some basic experiments in 3D line programming work in Isadora, incorporating interactive design elements.