Embodied Thoughts (2017)

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In this project, Embodied Thoughts, I used readings and viewings as source material for improvisation scores to create movement encounters with the texts. Moving through what Robin Nelson advocates for in their book Practice as Research in the Arts: Principles, Protocols, Pedagogies, Resistances this work falls into a “research process where practice is a key method of inquiry, where in respect of the arts, a practice is submitted as substantial evidence of a research inquiry” (9). I believe moving these texts out of my current means of consumption that are based solely in reading and discussion and into a physical and/or artistic practice can help integrate the ideas in a more sustainable way for me.

Selected readings from assigned coursework was mined for movement material and source inspiration, a score was written, the location of the improvisatory encounter was considered, key phrases that inspired that encounter were documented, the encounter was then filmed and edited as a trace of the exploration.

This project is a multi-modal inquiry of practice led research on texts in performance studies, cultural theory, political philosophy, theater performance, and dance performance.